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Sneeze Guards

Our versatility allows us to adapt to the latest demands.

We engage in genuine partnerships with every client

Although we’ve been delivering solutions in plastic and other materials since 1981, we pride ourselves on staying completely up to date with the latest demands of the many sectors we supply, as well as the most advanced technology available to meet those demands.

Sneeze Guards

Supporting clients since 1982

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Adopting new markets

After the events of 2020-21, the demand for sneeze guards and other hygiene aids is likely to remain high for many years to come, across a range of sectors beyond those which normally make use of such items. It’s typical of the ASH Plastics ethos that we’ve stepped up to meet these demands and can provide sneeze guards and hygiene screens in a range of sizes, shapes and fitting methods.

Although the principle of a sneeze guard is relatively simple, the practical reality is that the guards themselves can come in many different types and forms. Some sneeze guards are designed to be suspended from the ceiling for quick and simple installation, and our expertise in working with steel as well as various types of plastic means that we can manufacture any fittings needed to make this happen.

Our versatility means that we can design and manufacture everything from standard sneeze guards through to bespoke hygiene screens, and our warehousing and logistics operation means that we can deliver at speed without impacting on the quality of the final result.

Design & manufacture

If bespoke solutions are required the process will begin with the design of the finished item, utilising state of the art CNC designs which can then be approved by the client before manufacturing begins.

Our experience of the world of retail and in particular the kind of food and drink locations which make the most use of sneeze guards means that we understand the speed with which orders might have to be filled.

When opening your premises depends upon being able to fit sneeze guards and hygiene screens you need to be able to rely on suppliers like ASH Plastics who are used to dealing with tight lead times.

Our team boasts over a century’s worth of experience and every member is committed to the ASH Plastics ethos of high quality customer service and integrated, end to end excellence.

Efficient end-to-end process to meet tight deadlines

The key to our working method is the fact that we enter into a genuine partnership with every client.

If you come to us to have your sneeze guards and other hygiene screens manufactured you’ll be working with a dedicated project manager who will maintain full and open lines of communication from first point of contact to final delivery of your products.

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