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Leaflet Holders

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Here at ASH Plastics we’ve been partnering with retailers since 1982, and over the course of four decades we’ve learned a great deal about the demands which our clients face. In terms of display units we know that the average retailer will need a combination of free standing display units, slatwall accessories, counter display units and leaflet holders.

Leaflet Holders

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Flexible leaflet holders

In all of these cases we understand that a client is looking for items which can be delivered in line with tight deadlines, for a value for money price and without cutting corners in terms of quality. When a client comes to us for leaflet holders, for example, we appoint a dedicated project manager to work in close partnership with them from the initial brief through to the final delivery.

Although the concept of a leaflet holder is relatively simple at first glance, the size, number and type of leaflets to be held could have a big impact on the size, shape and type of the finished leaflet holder. From the initial brief we can create a detailed CAD design and use this as the basis of the manufacture of the leaflet holders.

Enhance your brand

Our 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest equipment needed to utilise a wide range of fabrication techniques. From laser etching to PVC bending and the use of laser CNCs, we can combine techniques to create the style of leaflet holder a client needs.

Our finishing capabilities – including UV digital printing/screen or pad printing and flame polishing – mean that we can craft leaflet holders which fit perfectly with the wider branding of a retailer. Whether you need a standard, plain holder or a bespoke model matching the branding of your outlet we can make it happen, from small orders to large scale batch deliveries.

Efficient end-to-end process to meet tight deadlines

Our logistics and warehousing capabilities mean that we are fully equipped to work with the kind of tight lead times retailers often have to deal with.

If needed, we can procure items from our global network of manufacturing partners, each one of which has been chosen because they meet the same high standards as the ASH Plastics ethos of quality, excellence and value.

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