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We specialise in plastic forming and fabrication

Ever since our launch in 1982 we’ve specialised in plastic forming and fabrication. Our 20,000 sq.ft. facility in the heart of the West Midlands has grown to match the scale of our ambition and the demands placed on us by our clients, and is matched by a warehousing, procurement and logistics expertise which means that we can guarantee the plastic components you need will be designed, engineered and delivered to your chosen location on time and within budget.

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Supporting Ishida since 2018

Ash Plastics provided perspex solutions to one of the largest production line manufacturers on the globe.

Specialised niche components

We can deliver both highly specialised, niche components and large scale bulk orders thanks to a combination of state of the art technology and a team of experts with over 100 years’ worth of experience to call upon.

The technology we utilise includes a Zund Digital Cutter, Penta Laser and Biesse CNC’s and Box Routing, Laser Etching and Thermoforming capabilities.

When a client starts working with us they enter into a genuine partnership, liaising closely with a dedicated project manager who will provide regular updates on the progress of the work we are doing for them and work closely to ensure that we understand exactly what is needed.

Full scale manufacturing

The process will begin with a detailed CNC design of the item in question, drawing on our own in-depth experience as well as the know-how of the client. This design can then be used to create a prototype of the finished item which can be tweaked and modified to ensure maximum functionality and ease of production, after which we can engage in full scale manufacturing.

Our finishing capabilities include techniques such as diamond polishing and UV digital printing so the plastic items we form can be designed and manufactured to conform to the wider branding of your company if needed.

In simple terms we can take any kind of plastic and turn it into the item you need, working at the kind of speed required to hit tight lead times without cutting any corners. Our experience of plastic forming and fabrication ensures that we deliver great results.

Efficient end-to-end process to meet tight deadlines

Despite our size and global reach we still bring a family business ethos to the way we work, treating every client as an individual and their requirements as vitally important.

Our ethos is one of excellence, quality and value, and the one-stop-shop nature of our offering means that this ethos plays a role in every stage of project delivery.

Contact Our Experts

If you’d like to learn more about the end-to-end one stop service we could provide for your company please get in touch. Our experts are ready and waiting to answer any questions and explain exactly what we could do to turn your ideas into a reality.

Call us or send an email and we’ll start the process of delivering the solutions you’re looking for.

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