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Since 1982 the team at ASH Plastics have specialised in developing close relationships with our retail clients in order to deliver the products they need. These products range from acrylic slatwall accessories to free standing display units and leaflet holders. One thing which they all have in common is that they are designed, manufactured and delivered in line with our team ethos of excellence, quality and value.

Display Cases

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Maximum impact display cases

The display cases we supply for our clients offer a prime example of the way we work. Our experience of working with retail clients means that we understand just how important display cases of this kind are and how they can make a huge impact on the volume of sales a product can achieve.

No matter what kind of items are being sold, the right kind of display case can showcase them with maximum impact, make it easy for staff to access the items in question, and create a visual focus which is completely aligned with the wider branding of the retailer. Not only this but an attractive display case attracts the attention of shoppers resulting in greater interest in the product.

When a retailer works with us they enter into a genuine partnership. Each client is offered the services of a dedicated project manager who will work alongside them from first contact through to final delivery. This means that the lines of communication remain open throughout the process, and any changes to the initial brief or design can be introduced at the earliest possible stage.

A huge range of materials

Our expertise encompasses design and manufacturing, so that when a client comes to us with an initial brief, no matter how vague, we can work with them to turn that brief into a fully detailed drawing created using CAD technology.

Once this design has been agreed upon we can manufacture the display cases themselves using materials ranging from plastics such as standard acrylic or when that added UV protection is needed Perspex VA Grade Acrylic is ideal,  through to wood, steel and glass.

No matter how complex the design in question is we can turn it into a reality using techniques which include thermoforming, laser etching. In addition to manufacturing and assembling facilities we can apply specialised finishes to the display cases we deliver, using technique such as flame polishing and UV Bonding to create display solutions which chime perfectly with a retailer’s style and branding.

Efficient end-to-end process to meet tight deadlines

Our 10,000 sq. ft. warehousing facility and state of the art logistics provision means that we can deliver the display cases your business needs in line with the strictest deadlines.

Although our in-house ability is such that we can meet large-scale bulk orders, we can also call upon a global network of manufacturing partners who share our commitment to excellence and quality in order to take advantage of the latest materials and techniques and deliver economies of scale.

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