Point of Sale

Point of Sale Displays

Point of sale solutions to increase your market potential.

Encourage impulse buying with  attractive point of sale displays

If your retail business depends to any degree upon impulse buying then point of sale display can play a vital role in attracting custom and boosting sales.

Point of Sale Display

Aesthetic appeal

Here at ASH Plastics we’ve been working with retailers for more than forty years and our experience in the sector is combined with expertise and the latest technology to deliver point of sale display solutions which combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

The driving force behind the excellence of the point of sale display solutions which we provide is the end to end nature of our service.

When you come to us as a client we work in close partnership with you through every stage of the project, providing a dedicated project manager to maintain the lines of communication and ensure that you’re always certain of exactly what we’re doing for you and the results you can expect.

Detailed complex designs

Our 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is based in the heart of the West Midlands and boasts a range of state of the art manufacturing equipment including CNC laser cutting, dome blowing and PVC bending.

We also offer high tech CNC design capabilities meaning that we can take an initial brief and turn it into a detailed and complex design which illustrates exactly what the finished item will look like.

If needed, we can then turn this design into a fully functioning prototype, allowing you to tweak and alter the item in any way needed before full scale manufacturing takes place. Our commitment to delivering on time and within budget is underlined by the warehousing and logistics facilities we boast and also the fact that we can call on procurement chains based on hand-chosen partners based in all parts of the globe.

Bespoke displays to complement your brand

Because we provide assembling and finishing techniques such as flame polishing and UV digital printing we can create point of sale displays which blend completely with the wider branding of your products or company, and we can work with the full range of materials, from plastic and wood to steel and glass.

In simple terms, whether you need a display cabinet, jewellery stand or counter top display we can make it happen, in the size, shape and style you need.

Whether it’s placed on a counter top or freestanding, we can manufacture a solution which works for you as part of your marketing strategy on a permanent or semi-permanent, seasonal basis.

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