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The components designed and manufactured by ASH Plastics meet the kind of strict tolerances and highly specific measurements which we know our clients expect. In many cases, this expectation is tied in to the visual or branding appeal needed for items such as retail display stands or counter display units. Our industrial components, however, are designed and manufactured to meet standards around things such as performance and safety, and this naturally applies to the design and manufacture of safety covers.


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Safety covers

Safety covers might be needed in any one of a range of literally hundreds of different industrial settings and processes. In particular, they may be needed to protect the operators of machinery such as lathes and power drills, or to stop debris from being shed when processes such as welding and cutting are taking place.

Safety covers of this kind need to be manufactured from exactly the right material and to be precisely fitted to ensure that the person or people operating equipment of this kind are kept safe at all times.

Design & manufacture

The importance of getting the manufacture of a product such as this just right is reflected in the working partnership which we enter into with every client.

This partnership involves providing a designated project manager for each client, tasked with the job of keeping the lines of communication open and ensuring that the finished safety covers are manufactured to the precise specifications given.

If a standard model of safety cover isn’t suitable then we’ll use the brief provided by the client and Solidworks software to create a detailed engineering drawing. This will then be used to create the safety cover itself, using high tech equipment such as CNC laser cutters, thermoforming facilities, PVC bending and vacuum forming.

Efficient end-to-end process to meet tight deadlines

The high tech equipment we use is vitally important, but only because it is operated by members of the ASH Plastics team with more than 100 years of combined experience.

Our team believe one hundred per cent in the ASH Plastics ethos of quality, excellence and value, and this will be reflected in every stage of the delivery of an order of safety covers.

The scale of our facility enables us to deliver components at speed and in bulk without compromising the quality of the finished products, and our warehousing and logistics division means that we can distribute and deliver the safety covers our clients need in line with even the strictest deadlines.

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