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A brand distinguishes a company from competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers.

Here at ASH Plastics we’ve been delivering solutions for clients in the retail trade for more than 40 years. In that time we’ve built up a deep working knowledge of the vitally important role that branding plays in any modern retail business.








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Brand aspirations into reality

Your branding is designed to catch the eye of customers and persuade them to find out more about your products, but it is much more besides. It is also a visual representation of the ethos of your business and the image you wish to present to the wider world, and carrying that branding over to the displays which you use is a vital aspect of the design of any retail units.

Working with ASH Plastics means working with a partner who understands all of this and who has the expertise to turn your brand aspirations and ideas into a physical reality. When a client comes to us they are appointed a designated project manager who will work alongside them for the duration of the project.

One of the foundations of our excellence is the fact that we have the facilities needed to deliver all aspects of creating branded displays in-house. This means that every part of the process will be handled by an expert member of our team with a commitment to our ethos of excellence, quality and value.

Unique visual impact

From an initial sketch or concept we can create a complex Rendered Visual Using Solidworks and then use this as the basis of a multi-faceted manufacturing process.

Our 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility features state of the art thermoforming techniques including include line bending, UV Bonding, Diamond Polishing, UV Digital Printing, which can be combined with equipment such as a  Zund digital cutter, Biesse and Penta Laser CNCs and laser etching equipment to create genuinely bespoke branded solutions.

Once assembled, these solutions can be finished using techniques like UV digital printing and diamond polishing, delivering the kind of unique visual impact that will help to set your business apart from the competition.

Reliable logistics and warehousing operation

Because we understand the world of retail so well we’re fully aware of the need to work to often very tight lead times and for complete certainty that the items you need will be delivered exactly when and where you need them to be.

That’s why our design and manufacturing capabilities are matched by a logistics and warehousing operation which means that we can distribute in line with the strictest deadlines without compromising on quality.

If needed we can call on our global procurement partners to ensure that we never miss a deadline, and that your branded displays are where they need to be – out in front of customers.

Contact Our Experts

If you’d like to learn more about the end-to-end one stop service we could provide for your company please get in touch. Our experts are ready and waiting to answer any questions and explain exactly what we could do to turn your ideas into a reality.

Call us or send an email and we’ll start the process of delivering the solutions you’re looking for.

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