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The clients who come to ASH Plastics know that they can rely on us to provide components which are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards and our range of machine guards are no exception.. This applies to everything we do, from retail display solutions through to automotive manufacturing components, with each and every item meeting strict specifications and delivering on the functionality the client is looking for.

Machine Guards

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Machine guards

We can make this promise due to the combination of state of the art facilities, a highly experienced and expert workforce and a commitment to the ASH Plastics ethos of quality, excellence and value for money.

When it comes to designing and manufacturing machine guards we are fully aware of the need for the finished product to deliver to extremely strict tolerances. If a machine guard isn’t manufactured to the right dimensions, or is made from the wrong material or with the wrong design features, it could create a genuine safety risk within the environment in which it is utilised.

The factors of a machine guard which need to be monitored and adjusted with the maximum possible accuracy include the impact resistance of the material used, in addition to its stiffness. Stiffness of this kind is also known as ‘modulus’ and indicates the load which can be applied to a machine guard without the fabric of that guard becoming deformed.

The use of acrylic, Polycarbonate and PETG to manufacture machine guards is largely explained by the fact that the guards themselves often have to be transparent in order for the operator of a machine to be able to safely monitor how it is working.

Working partnerships

We work in close partnership with every client to make sure that each machine guard is up to the task it is created for, appointing a designated project manager to ensure that the lines of communication remain open and active throughout the process.

This partnership begins with us turning the initial brief into a fully-realised technical drawing using Alphacam 3 Axis CAD/CAM software. The design will then be passed onto the manufacturing division who will work with techniques such as CNC machining, laser cutting, PVC bending and thermoforming in order to create a bespoke safety solution.

If a client needs a bulk order of machine guards to be applied across a large factory or production line then our manufacturing facility is more than up to the task, and we can deliver bulk orders at speed without compromising on the quality of each individual item.

Efficient end-to-end process to meet tight deadlines

Our design and manufacturing expertise is more than matched by a warehousing and logistics operation which means we can distribute and deliver the machine guards we produce to meet the tightest deadlines, and if needed we can liaise with a global network of like-minded manufacturing partners to take advantage of economies of scale when meeting an order.

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