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Creating bespoke designs focused upon practicality in a range of materials.

We have over 100 years worth of combined experience

The clients who come to ASH Plastics to source their items know that they can rely on us to deliver with a blend of excellence, quality and value. They also know that we can deliver complete precision, whether we’re designing and manufacturing display units for a retail space, creating a prototype for a planned component or delivering a bulk order of components for the automotive industry.

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    Quality Solutions since 1982

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    Quality cnc equipment

    The reason we can guarantee precision in all the work we do is a combination of the expertise and experience of our team and the state of the art equipment housed in our 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing base.

    As well as plastic forming techniques such as dome blowing and PVC bending we utilise precision CNC machining based around equipment such as a Zund digital cutter and Penta laser CNCs. CNC machining is computer numerical control machining, in which a highly detailed piece of software is used to control the head of the machine being used, whether this is a laser cutter, a blade or a drill.

    The information used by the software to control the machine will be based on the original design for the component, and when clients work with ASH Plastics we can take their initial brief and use Alphacam 3 Axis CAD/CAM software to create a detailed design which can then be used for CNC machining.

    Accurate results

    The advantages of CNC machining include the fact that it can deliver results to the tightest possible tolerances no matter how complex the shape which is being created needs to be.

    It also enables us to work with a range of materials, so that as well as plastics we can deliver high quality results using materials such as steel, wood and glass.

    Once the form which is being created by CNC machining has been programmed it can be perfectly replicated as many times as it needs to be, meaning we’re able to deliver large bulk orders in which the first item will be exactly the same as the last, several thousand items later.

    CNC machining also plays a key role in our ability to work quickly without any drop in the standards we always set ourselves, and our logistics and warehousing operation means that the items we manufacture are delivered on time no matter how tight the timetables our clients work to are.

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    Cnc Machining
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    Close partnerships with dedicated managers

    We work in close partnership with all of our clients, appointing a designated project manager to work on their project through every step of the process, and explaining the use of CNC machining will play a large part in the communication we provide.

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