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Electrical Accessories Display Stands

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Counter display units play a vital role in the marketing and customer service efforts of an extremely wide range of retailers, but particular products demand an especially careful approach. Items such as E cigarettes, electrical products and accessories need to be displayed to the best possible effect in bespoke and carefully designed displays, and the retailers which work with ASH Plastics know that we understand these requirements completely.

Electrical Accessories Display Stands

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Attractive displays

Our understanding of the world of retail means that we know how important attention to detail is when it comes to designing and manufacturing counter top displays. That’s why we appoint a dedicated project manager for each of our clients, running a specific project team and providing transparent lines of communication between the client and our team of experts.

Those experts have over 100 years of combined experience in design, manufacture and engineering, and bring this experience to bear when crafting displays for electrical items.

Electrical accessories display stands can be manufactured from clear plastic which enables a clear view of the products displayed within while having a lockable door to provide complete security.

Our range of design and manufacturing expertise means hat we can customise the electronic display cases we manufacture using techniques such as laser etching or UV digital printing.

High impact visual appeal

Solutions can also be crafted with bespoke shelving designed with cut out sections to hold the e-cigarettes themselves as well as accessories such as e-juice

The process often begins with the client providing a brief, which we’ll use to create a detailed drawing of the proposed design using state of the art CAD technology. This design will then be used by technicians working in our 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, which includes a wide range of machining, thermoforming and finishing equipment.

As well as plastics such as Acrylic, Foam PVC we can work with materials such as steel, wood and glass, to create genuinely bespoke solutions which combine practicality and durability with high impact visual appeal.

Guaranteed ethos of quality and excellence

Because we deliver all stages of a project in-house we can guarantee the ASH Plastic ethos of quality, excellence and value will apply throughout, and if needed we can call upon a global network of like-minded partners to source components, materials and other solutions with the benefit of economies of scale.

Our manufacturing and procurement services are matched by a warehousing and logistics operation which ensures that the items retailers need will be delivered within strict deadlines and across as many locations as needed.

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