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Free standing display units play a vital role in creating a retail environment which is visually appealing, functional and focused on boosting the marketing effort of the retailer in question. We’ve been delivering them for clients from every kind of retail sector for more than 40 years, and those decades of hands-on experience have enabled us to hone our skills to create solutions which blend value with effectiveness and visual appeal.

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Flexible free standing displays

All of these aspects of a free standing display unit are particularly important when the retailer deals with food. Customers need to be able to see the food in question clearly, and access the items they need quickly and simply.

At the same time as functioning effectively the display in question needs to work to make the food items look as appetising as possible, to fit in with the retailers wider branding and to be simple to clean in order to ensure hygiene and food safety standards.

Clients who work with ASH Plastics can be certain of all of this through every stage of their project because the way we work involves a genuine partnership.

Practical and attractive

A dedicated project manager will be assigned to work in close partnership with the retailer, maintaining full and clear communication as the project progresses and making sure that any changes to the original brief are factored into the work at the earliest possible stage.

The process begins with the brief in question being turned into a detailed CAD drawing. These plans can then be used by our 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility to create a unit which exactly meets the needs of the client.

Techniques such as vacuum forming, dome blowing, PVC bending and laser etching can be combined to create genuinely bespoke solutions, while finishing using UV digital printing and flame polishing makes it possible to create displays which blend exactly with existing interiors and branding.

Efficient end-to-end process to meet tight deadlines

If bespoke solutions are required the process will begin with the design of the finished item, utilising state of the art CNC designs which can then be approved by the client before manufacturing begins. Our experience of the world of retail and in particular the kind of food and drink locations which make the most use of sneeze guards means that we understand the speed with which orders might have to be filled.

When opening your premises depends upon being able to fit sneeze guards and hygiene screens you need to be able to rely on suppliers like ASH Plastics who are used to dealing with tight lead times. Our team boasts over a century’s worth of experience and every member is committed to the ASH Plastics ethos of high quality customer service and integrated, end to end excellence.

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