Industrial Fabrication


Our versatility allows us to adapt to the latest demands.

We engage in genuine partnerships with every client

The 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility at our West Midlands headquarters is fitted with state of the art equipment which enables us to meet the demands of an extremely wide range of clients. From retailers keen to show their products off to the best possible effect to specialists working in the automotive or defence sectors, the clients who work with ASH Plastics have come to rely upon our combination of quality, excellence and value for money.

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    Quality Solutions since 1982

    Learn more about sourcing the perfect solution for your needs with our knowledge base.

    High quality equipment

    The equipment we use is just one of the reasons why we can offer such a wide range of solutions, the other being the expertise of the team we’ve assembled. They’ve got more than 100 years’ worth of experience between them, and bring all of that expertise to bear on every job we deliver.

    We can bond the separate components of a single item together using techniques such as UV bonding. This is a method of bonding plastic which makes use of ultraviolet light in order to create a bond which is superior to many of the alternatives available and can be applied at speed.

    Display Cases

    Bonding expertise

    Although we specialise in plastic forming and utilising materials such as polycarbonate, polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS and HIPS, we also work with steel, wood and glass, and UV bonding can bond plastic to any of these materials.

    When combined with the rest of our manufacturing capabilities, our bonding expertise enables us to create genuinely bespoke solutions for our clients, and the speed and efficiency of the process plays a huge role in making it possible to meet the kind of tight lead times clients often bring to us.

    Efficient end-to-end process to meet tight deadlines

    From initial brief through to final delivery, every client working with ASH Plastics will be provided with a dedicated project manager.

    This manager will liaise between the team delivering the project and the client, explaining how a process such as bonding works and the way in which it will be combined with other techniques such as vacuum forming and dome blowing.

    In addition to the latest bonding techniques we offer a logistics and warehousing operation which guarantees that every order will be manufactured and delivered on time, in the numbers needed and to the locations specified.

    Contact Our Experts

    If you’d like to learn more about the end-to-end one stop service we could provide for your company please get in touch. Our experts are ready and waiting to answer any questions and explain exactly what we could do to turn your ideas into a reality.

    Call us or send an email and we’ll start the process of delivering the solutions you’re looking for.

    Tel: +44(0)1902 450 300