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Laser Cutting

Creating bespoke designs using specialist technology

We can offer laser cutting on a range of materials

The clients who work with ASH Plastics rely on the fact that we can produce high precision components at speed and in bulk. Many of our clients work in the retail sector and need items such as counter display units and cosmetic displays designing and manufacturing in line with the tight lead times which often prevail in retail As well as being distributed and delivered on time the items in question need to be visually pleasing, and a large part of this will depend upon the precision and care which is applied to their manufacture.

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    Laser cutting process

    We also design and craft industrial products for clients from a wide range of sectors some of which, like the automotive and defence industries, are extremely specialised.

    Clients of this kind demand components and assembled items which are precision tooled, durable and manufactured with highly focused attention to detail.

    Our 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is designed and equipped to deliver these extremely high standards, and a large part of this is down to the state of the art laser cutting services we employ.

    Laser cutting involves presenting a highly focused laser beam to the surface of the material being cut, the heat of which either melts or vaporises that material. If the material is melted then a gas jet will simultaneously remove the molten material creating a polished cut.

    Wide range of materials

    The advantages of laser cutting include the a high quality precision finish, and the ability to cut intricate shapes, etched designs. Along with the registration camera the ability to cut around pre printed sheets.

    The cut which is produced is extremely clean and highly complex patterns can be created without needed to remove and reposition the material itself. This complexity is made possible by the uses of the kind of CNC laser cutting devices utilised by ASH Plastics. Laser cutting of this kind is computer controlled and the highly precise movements of the cutting head are guided by a detailed CAM design.

    The one-stop shop nature of our work means that we can take the initial brief presented by our clients, turn this into completed engineering drawings using advanced Solid works software, and then use these drawings to programme the laser cutter. Our laser cutting equipment includes Penta and Trotec Laser CNC’s, and the technology used means that we can reproduce the exact same pattern of cutting many times over.

    Laser Cutting
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    Delivering results that live up to expectations

    No matter what you’re requirements are, if they involve laser cutting we’ll be able to deliver results which live up to our ethos of quality, excellence and value, and our logistics and warehousing operation is such that we can meet the tightest deadlines to distribute and deliver the items you need.

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