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Vape Display Stands

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We carefully craft custom vape display stands

As cigarette alternatives become increasingly popular, it is crucial your products stand out in retail environments. We offer unparalleled expertise which provides eye-catching custom display stands for vapes and e-cigarettes.

Vape Display Stands

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High quality workmanship is guaranteed

Our vast experience designing and manufacturing retail display stands enables the team at Ash Plastics to achieve a quality finish in line with our clients’ visions every time.

Whether producing counter display units or free standing display units, we utilise the latest CAD technology and our industry expertise to produce acrylic stands built for durability and performance.

Dedicated project managers work directly with our clients throughout all of our processes to ensure their expectations are met and lines of communication are always available.

We undertake all stages of design and manufacture in-house, providing total peace of mind for our clients as to the quality and efficiency of our processes and the on-time delivery of products.

Numerous options for vape display stands

We offer a range of possibilities for vape and e-cigarette stands from bespoke shelving to laser etching for both a counter display unit (CDU) and a free standing display unit (FSDU). We can even provide Vacuum Formed fronts for onpoint branding every time.

It is essential for e-liquid displays that shelving is designed around the requirements of the product. With this in mind, we provide custom shelving with cut-out sections to hold e-cigarettes and accessories such as e-juice.

Further customisations include laser etching and UV digital printing to ensure your display catches the customer’s eye with high quality branding and imagery.

Our display stands are manufactured from clear acrylic – this enables customers a clear view of the product inside whilst ensuring the e-cigarettes and other products are secure from theft or tampering behind a lockable door. However, we also specialise in foam PVC and for free standing display units we can offer metal and wood solutions.

Benefits of a vape display stand

Investing in a high quality vape display stand is just as important as investing in the quality of the product itself. Your display stand is an important part of marketing your product in store – a crucial point where consumers are more likely to ‘impulse purchase’ and grab your product from the shelf.

Some of the benefits of investing in a vape display stand include:

  • Security of product. A high quality stand will ensure your products are safe whilst on display. Lockable stands will further ensure products cannot be stolen, tampered with, or damaged if they are knocked.
  • Target impulse buying. Impulse buying occurs when consumers purchase an item without making the prior decision to do so – they may be attracted by the look or thought of the product whilst passing it in the shop. It is important your display stand jumps off the shelf in order to do this.
  • Create an atmosphere around the product. The right stand can create an atmosphere around your product, drawing the right kind of attention and helping your product stand out over your competitions’.
  • Provide essential product information. Much like cigarettes, consumers need to be able to access information surrounding the use of vapes. Your display stand can provide a space for necessary information or links to downloadable guides.

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