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Creating bespoke designs where ideas become reality

We can bring your ideas to life using our prototype service

Our specialist manufacturing facility, which covers 20,000 sq. ft., is equipped with state of the art technology which enables us to deliver bespoke solutions to clients working in a wide range of sectors. Many of our products are designed and manufactured as display solutions within the retail sector, but we also work with clients from specialist sectors such as defence and the automotive industry to create precision components to extremely tight specifications.

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    Prototype development

    A prototype of a proposed component or item can serve a number of purposes. In the first instance it can be used to demonstrate proof of concept and see whether ideas which look good on paper work in practice when constructed in three dimensions.

    In addition to this a prototype can be used to identify any minor flaws in the design, or to investigate whether any aspect could be improved to increase the efficiency of the completed design or the speed and simplicity with which it could be manufactured in the future.

    Approved design process

    Our prototyping service begins when we enter into a close partnership with the client in question and turn their initial brief into a fully-fledged engineering design. We do this using advanced Solidworks software, and the approved design is then used to manufacture the initial prototype.

    We work with a range of materials in addition to various types of plastic, including wood, steel and glass, and can create a prototype using techniques such as CNC laser cutting, line bending and box routing. If needed, we can then enter into full-scale production of the prototype, delivering to scale while maintaining the same high standards, while our logistics division can handle distribution and delivery with ease.

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    Using the latest and most hi-tech equipment

    The equipment we make use of includes a Zund digital cutter, Biesse and Penta Laser CNCs and thermoforming facilities such as dome blowing and drape moulding. Not only do we take great pride in investing in the latest technology but we’ve also put together a team of technicians and engineers who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to everything they do.

    The combination of technology, craftsmanship and the ASH Plastics ethos of quality, excellence and value make us the ideal choice for any client wishing to develop a prototype.

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    Call us or send an email and we’ll start the process of delivering the solutions you’re looking for.

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