Industrial Fabrication

Stock & Project Management

Developing close working relationships with our client to meet their needs

Stock and project management meeting the demands of a range of sectors

Although our specialism lies in the design, manufacturing and delivery of bespoke or standard items for sectors such as retail, the automotive industry and defence, our experience since 1981 has enabled us to build a comprehensive and highly effective stock and project management programme.

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    Quality Solutions since 1982

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    Highly skilled technicians

    The team at ASH Plastics is made up of technicians, engineers and designers boasting more than 100 years combined experience amongst them. This experience plays a huge role in managing the projects our clients bring to us.

    Although we understand the importance of factors such as investing in the latest technology for our 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and providing training to ensure that the members of our team are always aware of the newest and best techniques, we also work hard to develop the relationship we have with each of our clients.

    When you work with ASH Plastics you’ll be provided with a dedicated project manager who will liaise with you through every stage of the process. This means that the lines of communication between our team of experts and the client remain open throughout the process and any changes which you want to make at the design, prototype or manufacturing stage of the process can be made quickly and simply.

    Global logistics operation

    We understand that developing a close working relationship with the client is the most important aspect of delivering a successful project – it means that we know exactly what it is they are looking for and can work in partnership to deliver it. Our relationship with clients also means that we understand the demands of the sectors they work in. Our retail clients, for example, often have to work with extremely tight lead times while our industrial clients need production which works to very strict tolerances and delivers components which are durable, efficient and hard wearing.

    Our project management is underpinned by a highly effective stock management and procurement programme. Our relationships with manufacturing partners around the globe enable us to meet client demands at speed without lowering standards and in a way which takes the fullest possible advantage of economies of scale.

    Our logistics operation is built around the presence of a 13,000 sq. ft. warehousing facility in which we can store the kind of items our clients need, and a delivery and distribution network which enables us to ship those items in line with deadlines no matter how tight those deadlines are.

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    Stock and Project Management

    Meeting the needs of all clients from top brands to start-ups

    Top brands work with ASH Plastics time and time again because they know that they can rely on every aspect of the projects we deliver for them.

    From project management and stock control, through designing, manufacturing and delivery, our clients know that everything will be handled with our ethos of excellence, quality and value.

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