5 Ways to Improve Your Branding Clients’ Bottom Line

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Brand Aesthetic

As a branding agency, you understand the impact branding can have on a business – forming not just a brand aesthetic, but the whole ethos and image of a company. This is crucial to the success or failure of a company.

In light of this, we’ve collected 5 ways to improve your branding clients’ bottom line, from simple but effective steps, to more innovative and often overlooked ideas.

Understand the target audience

Firstly, understanding your target audience is one of the most necessary initial processes of branding. Once you have decided upon who your desired target audience is, you must begin to familiarise yourself with their characteristics – their demographic, preferences, what they engage with and how they engage.

For these latter points, it may help studying your competition’s audience, to see how they identify and interact with a similar audience; it may even present ways of better engaging with an audience.

Understanding your target audience establishes how you can appeal to potential or current customers through branding; whilst you can help your clients brand themselves, it is also worth considering working alongside a marketing agency to place your clients in front of their audience.

Create a great logo and branding style

Your company logo may just be the first thing an audience notices about your brand – and definitely the thing they will remember. Make sure this impression is a good one through a unique and creative logo which is effortlessly clean and simple; it’s worth spending a little extra time striking this balance as it will be sure to pay off.

Colour psychology and aligning your logo characteristics with those of authoritative, universal brands encourages audience trust in your brand.

In terms of branding style, selecting one which best represents your brand ethos and sticking to it is best; transparency of a company to its audience may seem counterintuitive, but is effective in engaging with, and maintaining, customers.

Improve Your Branding

Consistency across online assets

Maintaining consistency across your website and social media presence is forefront. Your brand should be a unified front across all platforms and communications; this transcends just the colours associated with your brand, but includes tone of voice and how you present yourself.

Consistency across a brand helps build trust and approachability, since your audience will know what to expect.

Build a community around your brand

Using all relevant online and offline platforms for your brand will help appeal to the widest scope of audience, building a loyal community of customers. Preparation and research is key when entering into long-term campaigns such as these, as it will accumulate and require all your branding groundwork thus far.

Ensure retail display units are fully branded

As part of ensuring your branding is consistent and noteworthy, this should extend into retail promotion and product display of your stock on the shelves. A large part of this is understanding what is retail display and how it can improve your branding.

Bespoke and complementary branded retail display units can go a long way in helping increase brand awareness and loyalty, since they work as an extension of your branding whilst also helping your product to stand out amongst competition on the shelves. Often overlooked by competitors, retail display units are a proven way of increasing your sales.

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