How Point of Sale Branding Helps Relevant In-Market Audiences Discover Your Product

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Retail industry point of sale marketing

Point of Sale branding is the driving force behind sustained success in the retail industry. Whether your company is established, or looking to gain some footholds within the industry, launching a new product, or revitalising an existing one, Point of Sale (POS) marketing can help you. It’s certainly worth investing some time into learning about the power of POS marketing, and how it can target your relevant In-Market audience.

POS displays are highly customisable, from small cardboard designs to free-standing displays that cannot be missed. Since the budget for POS marketing can be adjusted in this manner to meet the needs of your business, POS displays appeal to brands both large and small.

Who should consider using a POS display?

Any business looking to proactively market their merchandise within a retail shop should consider a POS display; what business doesn’t want to discover new, proven ways of increasing brand awareness and product sales?

As the name suggests, POS displays present your product within a retail shop in the style of your choosing – from free standing displays to end-of-aisle attachments. This helps attract the eye of a potential consumer at the point at which they are already prepared to make a purchase. Since shoppers are easily influenced within the store, acknowledging this within your marketing angle is key.

POS displays keep your existing brand products relevant and engaging, or help to educate consumers about new and exciting product launches. Whatever the product displayed, Point of Sale branding helps your products stand out from the competition and entice the consumer to choose them. Subsequently, brand awareness is increased since consumers are noticing, and considering, your brand and products over others.

What are the benefits of using a POS display?

Possibly the biggest benefit of using POS displays is that they are designed by you – giving you control in not only how your products are displayed within a retail store, but where. This is critical in a retail shop, giving you peace of mind that your product is displayed in a way that ensures it has priority.

Location is vital – if your product is displayed both in an eye-catching way and in an area of high traffic, your product is much more likely to be picked up by impulsive or indecisive buyers. Point of Sale areas, such as the tills, are great places to appeal to impulse buyers – since they can pay for and pocket your product there and then.

POS displays can supplement your product packaging with complimentary colours, or relay essential information you want to get across to the consumer about your product. This too increases brand awareness, as consumers familiarise themselves with the colours or slogans associated with your products.

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Point of sale display ideas and tips

POS displays should use bright colours and short, snappy messages to catch the consumer’s eye. If your intention is to promote an offer or sale, this should be the main focus of the display. Moreover, unique designs are effective ways of drawing the right type of attention and getting your product talked about.

Your display can be made of several materials; it’s worth keeping in mind, however, that whilst cardboard is a more economical alternative and great for short-term product promotion, it can look cheap. Colourful plastic displays look great but are more suited to long-term product promotions.

Tailoring your Point of Sale marketing towards events, such as Christmas or Halloween, is another way of staying fun and relevant for the consumer… After all, these are the objectives to bear in mind for successful Point of Sale Marketing.

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