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"I put up the Modular Display in the our Visitor Centre today and I am really impressed with how easy and simple it was to assemble and put together.It took about 30mins from stripping the pallet to switching on the board. The instructions are crystal clear and easy to follow.

Sure Retail

"Sure Retail Equipment design and rollout many fabricated products. ASH have been an extremely reliable supplier for over four years now; thanks to ASH, Sure are able to manufacture high quality products with short lead times which keep their customers very satisfied.”

Unique Ideas

I have purchased materials from ASH for 15 years plus, but around 5 years ago a marketing opportunity arose that I needed expert help with. The task to design and manufacture a TV style game show for a Dragons Den appearance on BBC TV.I approached James Archer (ASH) who welcomed the opportunity and offered expert advise on both raw materials and manufacturing of specialist component's we could possibly need.

 Not only advice but the opportunity to take our prototype to their facility to gain the expertise to take to a final product for presentation on to TV.Since then our range of products to the events industry has grown and our needs to have specialist back up In the development of new concepts/prototypes is a must where new projects/materials are required.

 ASH listen to our needs and always deliver the answer to our potential problem's .

I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a main trusted supplier.

Managing Director


When we approached ASH with the challenge of designing the RBJ retrofit doors, visuals were quickly presented closely followed by a prototype. A fine-tuned Production Design has since been rolled out to 500 stores. This design joins the many successful projects that we have completed by working closely together with ASH over recent years.

Store Supply Manager

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